Live from ProMat in Chicago, the Omnii XT15ni !

Live from ProMat in Chicago, the Omnii XT15ni !

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I am writing today from the ProMat conference in Chicago. I’m on the convention floor with my old (Psion) and new (Motorola) colleagues showcasing the depth of offerings we have in Warehousing, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics.

We are also introducing our newest product, the Omnii XT15ni. This unique Omnii is certified as non-incendive (ni), We like to think of it as the ultimate industrial handheld for hazardous environments. It provides confidence to those working in settings where flammability is a risk that they have the right device for their environment.

You may be asking yourself, what is non-incendive? “ni” is manufactured to protect electrical equipment so arcing or hot components will not be an ignition source causing an explosion under normal operating conditions.

More importantly, the Omnii XT15ni is the first product we have launched since Motorola Solutions acquisition of Psion. Many of you will be hearing more about how this impacts general operations in the coming month through the sales and partner conferences around the world. What I can tell you, is the merger is exceeding my expectations, and the product portfolio and forward roadmap from Psion has never been stronger. You can look forward to many years of product stability, and more importantly many new exciting products soon be launched.

Just a few things I want to highlight on the Omnii XT15ni.
• Certified as non-incendive (Class 1, Div2)
• Unique markings to allow for quick and safe identification as a non-incendive device
• Built on the Omnii platform providing the highest levels of ruggedness and functionality
• Compatible with the standard Omnii XT15 charging and vehicle cradle accessories (accessories do not carry a non-incendive rating)
• Fully compatible with the Omnii family of products providing a common platform for customers

If you want to learn more, here is a 5 minute product overview.

If you are a Psion partner, please go to the Sales Readiness area of the Partner section on IngenuityWorking for additional information.

There are many smart and dedicated people to thank for the Omnii XT15ni, one of these people is Greg Evans, the Omnii Product Manager. Attached is a great picture of Greg from the ProMat show today.

  • Thanks Mike. Hope the conference is going well.

    For those of you that have watched the product overview above and would like to learn more, you can download the Omnii XT15ni specification sheet directly from the Omnii XT15 product page on

  • Great work guys! Nice to see yet another derivative of the amazing Omnii platform launched - and what a place to do it!  My thanks to everyone involved; you've done a great job.