Using PsiWin 2.3 and Psion Workabout MX on a Windows 7 64 Bit system.

Using PsiWin 2.3 and Psion Workabout MX on a Windows 7 64 Bit system.

  • I recently received an computer upgrade at work which meant upgrading from XP to Win 7 64 Bit. This caused problems with loading and running PsiWin 2.3 as well as connecting to and transferring files between my Psion Workabout MX and the new computer. After working on this problem for a day and a half, I have a soulution that allows me to load the PsiWin program successfully and allows me to upload and download files to the Workabout. I will post below the procedure I used:

    To load PsiWin 2.3 on to a Windows 7 64 bit operating system (this should work for any program that will not load/function in the WIN 7 environment)

    Must download and install Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC from (fairly quick and easy):

    Once the Win XP Mode and Virtual Machine is set up go to the Start Menu/All Programs/Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode  -  This will start the XP mode.

    Now install PsiWin 2.3 as usual by browsing to and opening the setup file.

    YOU WILL NOT YET BE ABLE TO CONNECT TO THE PSION THROUGH THE SERIAL COM PORT YET but you may go ahead and set up your baud rate and select the com port you are going to use by going into properties when the device fails to connect.

    Connecting the Psion Workabout to the COM port. Configuring the COM port in the WIN XP Mode Virtual Environment. (This should work for periphreals that connect through a serial port and use a communications program that only works in the WIN XP Mode).

    The reason the Psion will not connect is that the com port is not set up to work in the XP Mode Virtual environment. To fix this go to : Start Menu/All Programs/Windows Virtual PC/Windows Virtual PC

    This will bring up a dialog box which will have the Windows XP Mode virtual machine listed.

    Right Click on it and choose SETTINGS.

    Then select the Com port you are using (usually Com1).

    The current value is probably set to none CHANGE this by selecting "Physical serial port" on the right side of the dialog box. Click ok and exit out of the dialog boxes.

    Transferring files to and from the Psion Workabout with WIN XP Mode.

    Activate the XP Mode: Start Menu / All Programs / Windows Virtual PC / Windows XP Mode

    Have the Psion on and connected & make sure the Remote Link is set to ON in the Psion with the correct baud rate.

    Double click on the "My Psion" icon on the XP desktop. Browse to the file you want to upload or download and copy and paste as you would normally. (THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE INSIDE THE WIN XP MODE). I have found that you CANNOT download files FROM the Psion Workabout directly to a WIN 7 folder. You can however Download it to any XP Mode folder and then copy and paste it from there to a WIN 7 folder by copy/paste or drag/drop. Also I have found that it IS POSSIBLE to copy and paste a file INTO the Workabout from a XP Mode OR WIN 7 Folder (ie I can have the XP Mode running and Psion Workabout connected in PsiWin 2.3, access an Excel File in a WIN 7 environment folder and copy/paste it into the Workabout with PsiWin 2.3 with no problems – but only supported files like xls files not xlsx files of course.

    Hope this helps the those of us in the Psion community who still use the older devices like the Workabout. I also use the old XP and LZ organizer models on rare occasions but have not yet tried to use them on the new Win7 64 Bit system.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much! Like what I said in our tel conversation, this will help a lot



  • What you didn't mention, however, is that Windows XP Mode will only work in Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. It will not work in Home Premium edition -- which is by far the most popular version for home users' PCs and laptops, certainly in the UK.

    For Home Premium you'll need an alternative virtualization application such as Windows Virtual PC, VMWare or Oracle VirtualBox plus a full version of a 32-bit version of Windows, whether XP, Vista or 7.


  • 03-09-2012 Friday @ 6:51pm Chicago, Illinois Time Zone

    rjohnsoy, you typed it perfect.

    Although this Time, Day & Age is 2012, I still use my PSION C3 almost every day. Especially the .WRD, .SPR, .AGN and .DBF files.

    They all work in my new Toshiba Satellite laptop 64bit, Windows 7 with both XP Modes installed.


    Are there really others out there using PSIONs C3 etc.... .

    Thanks.SmileBig Smile

  • 03-09-2012 Friday @ 7:02pm, Chicago, Illinois Time Zone.


    and you are so correct. They (programmers) should create a program for the Old School Users.
    Infact, I don't think they even really think of the Old Schoolers wanting to use their machines with the new.


    What is a PSION Workabout?

    I use PsiWin & PsiWin 2.3.3 (I notice PsiWin in the post above) ! That's the only way I can translate on the Windows 7 system.


  • Thanks rjohnsoy!

    I have just upgraded to Win 7 Pro 64 bit from XP where I have been connecting my Psion 3c for years.  I have used PsiWin 1 on Win 3.x,  Win95 and Win98 in the past.  These instructions were easy to follow and have probably saved me hours of frustration.  One point I would like to respectively add though is that I needed to set the baud rate in the PsiWin settings to 19200 to match the Psion setting (the default is "Maximum Attainable") before the connection succeeded.

    My 3c is in almost daily use as well.  I like the Money program, it's simple, accurate and above all secure!  OK, it's got no flashy colour screens or bells and whistles but who needs these anyway.

    Thanks for a great job! Smile

  • I hope someone is checking in- I've been trying to reconnect my Psion 5mx to sync with Win 7 Professional (desktop) to  MS Outlook 2003. I'm using a StarTech serial to USB converter and I had been able to successfully sync for several months.  For some reason it stopped and then after struggling for almost 2 years I decided to email Gareth Saunders who referred me to this site.  So I downloaded XP Mode and windows Virtual PC and psi win 2.3.3 and from your post, aha! probably  the problem has been as you suggest that the Com Port was not set up to work in virtual XP mode. So I'm almost there- but when I go in XP Virtual mode int Start/All Programs- I don't find Windows Virtual PC in the Program menu and couldn't find it in Windows Explorer (all in Win XP Mode).  Can anyone advise me what I may be doing wrong or where to go next?  I really need to be able to sync with Outlook for my Calendar and Data files.  Many Thanks.  Ted

  • I do not know how to reply
  • 01-13-2015 Monday @ 12:21am USA Trxas Time Zone. Is there really someone out there like me that still uses a PSION? If so, the last time I used my PSION on my laptop was months ago. But I still have and work with the software on my laptop. I used it earlier today and my PSION is not even hooked up to my laptop. I still do sync, still using Windows 7 Professional 64bit, XP Mode. You can still sync your files.