Signature capture on Ikon or Neo

  • Hello everybody

    I'm new on this discussion group. I'm french. Excuse me if my english is not perfect.

    I've created a software company : Sphinx Manager.
    We make and distribute a full web management software : Sphinx Manager.
    It is a vertical software used by the companies who buy, sell, rent and/or maintain industrials materials.

    Server Platform : LAMP (Linux Apache Php MySQL)
    Client platform : All PC with a webbrowser, all internet tablet, all pocket PC (Also with a webbrowser)

    We already capture manual signature on a PC with a tactile (touch) screen. That's work perfectely on Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    The code witch capture the signature is written in JAVASCRIPT and use the Canvas property on Firefox (A javascript add-on is used for the compatibility with Internet Explorer)

    Actually, we test our full web software on a IKON (Windows Mobile 6.1 professionnal) and a NEO (Windows Mobile 5.0 CE.NET). It works perfectly.

    BUT the signature capture doesn't work on any Psion

    Is somebody have already developped signature capture in html or in javascript or in java for theses pocket PC or for Windows mobile  ?

    PS :

    - The signature capture doesn't work on a HTC, an iPhone, the Nokia tablet 770
    - We never will use SDK because our application is full web
    - Perhaps we will use JAVA only if necessary



  • You’ll run into some of these type errors because Javascript isn’t fully supported in Windows Mobile 6.1 (and CE).  Here are a couple of articles that talk about it:





    With that said, we are currently looking into some potential solutions for this.  We’ll get back to you shortly.

  • rpadovano,

    Question:  Does the signature capture control that you are using use any ActiveX controls?


  • Hello Steven

    For the moment the signature capture is written in javascript and use the CANVAS property

    We are not against to develop an activeX element but :

    - The activeX element must be downloaded automatically by Internet explorer (The final customer do not have to do something on his Psion). I don't kknow if it is possible

    - We have never developped an ActiveX element.

  • Hello everybody

    I've other informations about javascript testing

    I've developped today a small javascript program whith simply echo the mouse position on screen.

    For testing on many browsers.

    The results :

    - it works perfectly on a PC with Internet Explorer

    - It works correctely on the Neo (Remenber : Windows Mobile 5)

    - It doesn't works on the Ikon (Remember : Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro)

    I see that :

    - On the Neo, there isn't automatic screen scrolling

    - On the Ikon, there is an automatic screen scrolling

    How to disable this automatic scrolling on the Ikon ?

    Thank you ...

  • Hello rpadovano,

    The following keys hides the scrollbars:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main


    The width of the vertical scrollbar. Default setting is the system metric value SM_CXVSCROLL, which can be obtained by calling theGetSystemMetrics function. The valid range is 0 - 400. Setting the value to

    0 hides the scrollbar.


    Default setting is the system metric value SM_CYHSCROLL, which can be obtained by calling the GetSystemMetrics function. Sets the height of the horizontal scrollbar. The valid range is 0 - 400 pixels.

    Setting the value to 0 hides the scrollbar.

    Best regards,

  • Hello Bernard

    Thank you but it doesn't works.

    Effectively, the scrollbars are hidden but the automatic scolling is still active.

    Please test

    - On your PC

    - On a psion with WM5

    - On a psion with WM6

    It is a simple test program written in javascript whitch show your mouse position.


  • Hello rpadovano,

    The following keys deactivate scrolling :

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

    Viewport Height -> Set to zero

    Viewport Width -> Set to zero

  • Sorry Bernard,

    The finger scroll is still active.

    And I've already set these keys to 0.

    I've readen last week the microsoft SDK (The registry part) for WM6

    Best regards



    I think you meant to say that the NEO uses ‘Windows CE 5.0’, as we do not support Windows Mobile 5 on the NEO.


    Also, keep in mind that Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.1 have different types of Internet Explorer, and each will support scripting differently.  On each, we release the standard IE that is given to us by Microsoft, so what you are seeing is what you see on other HHTs with the same OS.


    In my opinion, you may have to look for another solution outside of Javascript for this instance (due to the limitations that I pointed out earlier).


    For further support on this, I would recommend that you navigate to the ‘Service and Support’ page, and click on ‘Request Support’ to file an official trouble ticket.

  • Hello Steven

    I am convinced it is possible to disable finger scrolling. But after 2 hours of reading forums, I haven't found how to do.

    If it is impossible to disable finger scrolling, I have an other solution : JAVA.

    I have installed two small java tests programs :



    Theses programs works perfecly on a pc but they don't works on Ikon (WM6) or Neo (WM5)

    I have this error message :

    Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running this applet fore some reason ...

    Is somebody have a solution ?



    You have to have a Java Plug-In to run applets on Pocket IE.  We recommend NSICom’s CrE-ME JVM:


    With that installed, you can register their plug-in, and you’ll be able to see the applet (I can).


    And again, for further queries to this issue, please navigate to ‘Service and Support’ and file a ‘Request Support’ query.


  • Tickets 147589 + 147091 + 147094 + 147092 + 147091 (+ others...)

  • Hello sylvain

    How can I read theses tickets ?


  • Hello Steven

    I'm sotty but <‘Service and Support’ and file a ‘Request Support’ query.> doesn' works.

    They ask me my customer number but I im not a customer.

    About NSICom’s CrE-ME JVM

    I've downloaded this file : CrE-ME412.22oa_ARM_CE61_PPC.exe from this site :

    But the installation have fail. The file isn't a file for a pocket PC

    Il have readen their help (Use ActiveSync) but I can't use ActiveSync for many reasons

    Please give me a http link witch I could upload the correct .CAB for the Ikon (OS = WM6.1 Pro)