• Hello,

    i think this are a stupid question but i doesn´t find the downloadlink for the psion teklogix SDK. Where i can find?

    I have found operatingssystems and so on but not the PTX SDK.

    Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Andreas,

    I do not beleive the SDK has been uploaded to this portal yet.  In the meantime, you can register with TEKNET and download the SDK from there.

  • Hi Scott,

    thank you for your reply. But Teknet are closed and we can only make new RMA´s and orders.

    I found this under Developer->downloads->Mobile Devices SDK and have thought that this are the PTX SDK but when i click on it i can only download "SIBO C and OPL migration kit". I think that´s a bug on this site?

    best regards

  • Hi Andreas, you should now be able to find the SDKs here:

  • Hi Lee,

    Could you post release notes for v3.3?

    I do not find them at