Ikon - Bluetooth printing with security mode 3

  • Can anyone help to determine if he iKon / WM6 can establish a secure channel (Mode 3) for printing with bluetooth. I am using the Oneil 4Te.



  • Hello,

    we are researching this and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


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    Please see below response from one of our engineers:

    Security Mode 3 is requiring PIN on every low-level link, or accepting links from only authenticated devices.

    That has to be enforced by the PRINTER device since it’s the one accepting connections.


    If the Printer accepts unauthenticated connection, then it’s not in Mode 3. There’s no way our iKon can tell the PRINTER to behave in Mode 3, when it’s not designed to be.


    And, having said that, you could try enforcing using PIN during pairing process from iKon side.

    In the Psion Teklogix Bluetooth Manager, just enter the PIN during the pairing process.

    Then iKon will try to enforce authentication with the printer. If the printer is capable of doing authentication, it will comply. Otherwise, authentication should fail.


    Once the iKon and the printer are authenticated, the pairs are in Mode 3.

    But again, if the printer accepts unathenticated link from other devices, there’s nothing we can do.

  • Thanks, very useful