Samsung now #1 smartphone maker. RIM falls to #4. Android surpasses 50%.

Samsung now #1 smartphone maker. RIM falls to #4. Android surpasses 50%.

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  • Nice, good thing i switched to Samsung from BB

  • (SAMSUNG)  -- All your RIM. Belong to US.




  • Its interesting to see what updates and time tells of things that transpire. Well the rumour has come to pass, and it comes to Nought, Nil, Nein, Nada.

    So no RIM for Samsung.

    Microsoft has dipped the foot in the Tablet pond. They were there anyway back in the late Nineties's and early Noughties. (2000's)  but that technology was really not much different than a touchscreen version of the NetBook/NetPad.

    The Surface tablet is based on technology that I have been aware of since the early 1980's, and today such technolgies is more-or less pervasive.

    Think of Dillinger's TouchDESK in TRON.

    But the technology that exists from the Early 1980's that is pervasive TODAY that is likewise HMI congruent is the Playbook OS (BB10/BB_X) which is based on the QNX OS that was released to the public in a similar time frame to TRON.

    But then the question remains: Who to Buy RIM (Since its Stock is so cheap)  --  I would probably forecast Oracle.

    1) Oracle did not win the lawsuit against Google for the Java/Dalvik technology that they would have liked.

    2) Oracle is a Business-Orientated Company, RIM is a Business-Orientated Device and technology Manufacturer.  (This fits soo well that I should have commented about it back in January.)

    3) Oracle is NOT about Consumer technologies unless there is a cross legacy ability to monetise it. With the Lawsuit loss, then they need to see if Java will cut it.  -- Or a Business-Orientated App Store. (Like RIM)

    Speculation is fun. Seeing it come true -or not- sometimes is not quite so...