Zebra MC65 KeyRemap

Zebra MC65 KeyRemap

  • The "KeyRemap" gives you the possibility to attach an App to the hardware key (right) at the MC65.

    For some reason this one is launching some apps and others don't. E.g. when remapped to IE, it doesn't start.

    To resolve this I have allready installed the latest OS Version BSP 5.48.02 (OEM Version: 05.48.02), but no luck.

    With the OS Version OEM 02.04.0211, OEM 02.04.0400, OEM 02.31.0002, OEM 02.40.0010 it is working, but I don't know where to obtain them.

    Many thanks in advance for your input.



    Afer installing OS Version BSP 5.48.02 (OEM Version: 05.48.02) it is working.