Activesync alternative

Activesync alternative

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I have an installation that has 4 workabouts with Win CE5 (and .NET VB application) and about 10 different users who can pick up any of the 4 units and start collecting data. The problem I have is transferring the data collected onto a server that they all have access to via their own user profile. Because the units can only hold a couple of partnerships we have to use one guys logon to transfer the files via activesync, otherwise the partnerships get screwed up and the users have to create a new partnership almost everytime they connect under their own profile. We are not allowed to use wireless in the area so I plumped for a straight forward file sync option not realising we had all these different user profiles. Is there another synching type application that doesn't use profiles?

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  • Good morning DAVEYBEE,

    Can you please provide additional information about the synchronization tasks you wish to achieve / that need to take place?

    Kind regards,

  • All I need to do is transfer some files between the WAP and the PC and vice versa. The file types are simple text and XML/XSD. I don't need any other synchronisation.



  • Sorry Jacques, I said 'the PC' but it could be one of three PC's connected to the clients network.

    Many thanks


  • Hi,

    I am not pretty sure to understand your problem, but would making all unit connect as guest solve it?

    There is a Windows Registry key that allows you to do that.




  • To add to Felipe's above post, let me bring to your attention that application(s) can automatically be launched upon ActiveSync connection.

    Handling Connection Notification

    PC side
    Registry-based Notification

    Upon connection notification, the PC could launch an application to copy files from/to the handheld, via the Microsoft Remote API [1].

    Handheld side


     [1] MSDN references


    RAPI wrappers


    Last but not least, many samples, which may inspire you, can be found on the net.


  • I have written an automatic FTP syncing application.  This application transfer files between the terminal and a server through FTP.  It has the abilty to only perfrom this action when in a cradle, such as when only connected through ActiveSync.

    If you would like me to email you the source or cab feel free to email me.

  • Felipe,

    Thank you for your reply, this option may be part of what I need and I will certainly try this out.

  • Jacques,

    Thank you for the options, I will be trying some of these solutions.