wireless companion configuration

wireless companion configuration

  • Hi,

    I am working with the MC67 and using AirWatch to setup and image the devices for my company. However in the AirWatch setup there is no way to force it to use all available 5 gig wireless channels without having to go back in manually after setup and turn them on. This is a PITA when I'm dealing with over 1000 MC67's.

    I have looked for a config file or something I can edit and have AirWatch push to make this happen but no luck so far, anyone have any ideas about where a file on the device might be that I can write this change to?

  • Hi David,

    Similar to WAP4 WEH6.5, the Fusion Profiles and Options can be exported to a .GPD file

    to import this file after a warm boot, you need to modify the registry to:


    As per my quick testing on an MC67NA WEH6.5, I was able to import a .GPD file to update the band selection to ALL for 5 Ghz.

    For more info, click here.