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    I've tried that example but it only is a window and preferably I need a (software)button which can activate the scanner.

    I'm not sure what you mean by this.  Do you mean, you want the ability to programmatically fire the scanner, but not from pressing the triggers?  If so, you can do one of two things:

    1.)  Invoke the Scan() method from the PsionTeklogix.Barcode namespace.  That should invoke a soft scan, or

    2.)  Use the trigger namespace and use 'PublishEvent' to fake a trigger press.   You'll probably want to try this, as newer builds may not have the soft scan IOCTL anymore (everything is done via the triggers).

    In case of instance 2, look to the scanner trigger's demo you mentioned earlier, but just take the Trigger part of it.

    Now, the problem with MDSDK 2.02 is that it doesn't have the nifty TranslateToTriggerID function.  Here's how we get around that:

    Here's the following table of values from Keyboard as it relates to the scanner triggers:

    Scan = 90,

    HandgripScan = 91,

    LeftScan = 92,

    RightScan = 93,

    SideLeftScan = 94,

    SideRightScan = 95

    Now, what TranslateToTriggerID  did was to take the values above and add 256 to them.  So, when invoking AddMapping from the trigger namespace, and you want the 'Scan' button, pass the value (Key)(90 + 256), and so forth for whatever trigger you want to monitor.



  • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't have much programming experience. I've looked at the code and I tried to do what you said but I don't fully understand it so I didn't managed to get it working.

    And yes, I want the ability to programmatically fire the scanner with 'a scan-button in software' (a form with just one button that says 'scan' and a window that displays the scanned value). I was hoping that this was available as a demo, so I only need to compile it.

    Thanks anyway!

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for   OPL EMULATOR, I did program for psion workabout mx for scanning Barecode,now I want display data scanned in PC

    any idea it will be very welcome

  • The only Workabout MX emulator I know, is an old one (October 1996!), which runs under DOS (only).

    Click this link if you wish to give it a try.


    & May I kindly ask you to post your [legacy] Workabout MX / SIBO OPL related questions in our Home » Discussions » Classic Psion Devices section and please do not hesitate creating new posts.