Here is a suite of programs that might become handy if you, for example, need to remotely reset devices.

System requirement:
- Psion Teklogix Windows CE 4.2
- Psion Teklogix Windows CE 5.0
- Psion Teklogix WIndows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
- Psion Teklogix Windows Mobile 5.0
- Psion Teklogix Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic and Professional
- Psion Teklogix Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic and Professional

Save and decompress any of the below files on your PC hard drive
Copy the program(s) to the target device and run it / them.
Please note that when launched, none of these executables will prompt you for confirmation.

  Warm Reset

  Cold Reset


The Bootloader program will cold reset the device then bring up the bootloader.
After the reset, the BooSt menu appears, listing possible BooSt commands.
To load the operating system, type 1.


 Warm Reset and Cold Reset
There are two primary types of reset available on a Psion Teklogix computer, referred to as warm reset and cold reset procedures. The specific actions taken during the reset depend on the operating system, but in general the warm reset is a simple reboot of the operating system and the cold reset is a complete reset of the device at the hardware level.

Windows CE Operating Systems
When you perform a warm reset on a Psion Teklogix computer running Windows CE, the operating system restarts without clearing the object store memory where the file system resides. Registry settings, installed programs and any data files are preserved. Any open applications will be closed and any unsaved data will be lost.

A cold reset clears the object store memory and restarts the operating system. Any registry setting changes are maintained, but all installed programs and data files not located on permanent memory storage media such as the "Flash Disk" partition or an SD card, will be lost.

Windows Mobile Operating Systems
On a Psion Teklogix computer running Windows Mobile, a warm boot completely reloads and restarts the operating system. Registry settings, installed programs, and any data files that reside in flash memory are all preserved through the reset.

Files and data stored in the RAM Drive partition are notpreserved during a warm reset. To have files stored in the RAM Drive persist through the reset procedure, you must create a Total Recall profile and store it on the flash ("My Device") file system.

A cold reset in Windows Mobile is identical to a warm reset, except some low level hardware (PCon) is also restarted before the operating system boots.