Issues with WPA2 security settings in RA 2041 wifi radio

Issues with WPA2 security settings in RA 2041 wifi radio

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Hi ,

When we choose WPA2 / AES and PEAP as security settings the authentication window opens only for a short duration..

even before we enter the credentials in the window for authentication ; the window closes. We have faced this issue in all WPA2 settings for wifi security

Is this a problem with the radio or radius authentication server..

How do we overcome this.

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  • iwe would need to know which product and software build, it could also be the infrastructure.

    are you using native zero config or a supplicant to configure the radio ?

  • we are using 7535G2/7527g2 both with RA 2041 radio. The customer uses WPA 2/AES with PEAP encryption and the authentication window asks for username/domain/password credentials.

    Is thr any other details reqd.

  • ALso with the same wifi infrastructure , MOTOROLA MC 3090 radio works with out nay problem , menaing the authentication window waits till we enter the credential details.

  • It appears that you are using zero config for configuration. I suspect that the motorola device is using it's own supplicant.  Again, without details as to your infrastructure it is difficult to be certain, but I believe the NAS ( AP or controller ) is requesting identity again after a timeout which causes the device to redisplay the login dialog.

    It can probably be adjusted it the AP/Wlan controller. Using the supplicant to configure the radio may also change the behaviour.

  • are you, or have you tried the Summit Supplicant?