Function keys issue in Omnii XT15 using Sparcs 2.2

Function keys issue in Omnii XT15 using Sparcs 2.2

  • Hi,


    We are having a new 2.4Ghz installation in Riyadh Dry Port using the following devices:


    1. Altai access point
    2. Navis Sparcs ver.2.2 (TESS)
    3. 8525-G2
    4. 8515
    5. Omnii XT15


    The Sparcs software is working fine on the 8525-G2 and 8515. The issue we are having is in the XT15; whenever the F5, F6 and F7 are pressed, the display being shown is not correct. It seems that it is directing to a different page of the Sparcs software. According to the client, when they press F5 it is doing the function of F6. When they press F6, it is doing the function of F7. When they press F7, it is doing the function of F5. My question is do we need to change anything in the keyboard scancode remapping of the XT15? This seems to be a Navis issue but I would appreciate if you could please confirm.


  • Hi Jessie.

    Can you confirm which keyboard type is installed on the XT15?  Can you take a photo?


  • Hi Sean,

    We found that the keyboard layout of F5, F6 and F7 are all mixed up. Please see the photo.

  • Hi Jessie.

    I thought this might be the case. You have a Keyboard that may have issues when using it with Navis. This is a custom Keyboard for SAP.

    I think it would be a good idea to configure the XT15 with a conventional XT15 keyboard. (Since this Keyboard is for a specific purpose.)


  • Hi JessieDM,

    This is not the standard 59 key keyboard.  This is a special keyboard taylored for and SAP (I think) application.

    Did you mean to order this keyboard or did you want the standard 59 key keyboard?


  • Hi Paul,

    The client only requires the standard 59 keys keyboard since they are using Sparcs.



  • Kamusta ka Jessie?

    Please review the sales order made for this customer.

    See what keyboard type was ordered

    The keyboard should be replaced with the standard 59-key




  • Ok thanks and salamat!