Psion teklogix 7527 wifi card issue RA2041

Psion teklogix 7527 wifi card issue RA2041

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I m facing problem regarding the wireless.

i m not able to connect the local network through summit software.

Even the network logo is also disappear.

Please can you help me?

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  • Hello,

    Good day!  If you don't see the signal bars icon, it means that the device can't detect the radio.  You can try clean starting the unit & put it in factory default to see if you can get it back.  Otherwise, you might need to send it in for repair.



  • Hello,

    Thanx for your reply,

    But still there is a problem with the device.

    Is there anything else i can do.

    Where should i get the drivers for R2041? 

  • The driver is embedded in the OS that's why I suggested a clean start (assuming the problem is software-related)



  • Can i get the OS for this device?

  • It is possible the 802.11 radio is not completely inserted in the Compact Flash slot.  The raido may need to be re-seated or pushed back into the slot.


  • Is it possible to load windows ce5 on windows mobile 6.1 device?

  • For the WAProG2, you can change the OS but this can only be done in the depot and has a charge.



  • Hi,

    When you cannot connect, did you check the below?

    1. Did you see the wireless signal icon on the screen? (This is to make sure  the wireless card is seated properly and detected by device)

    2. Using Summit client, did you try to use scan of network to find SSID? (If you are able to scan and get result of SSID? If you can get SSID of the network, it means your radio is working.)

    3. Did the radio signal icon show connected then disconnected, then connected and disconnected and keep repeating? (If this is the case, there are 2 possibility. One is to check the AP mac address that is connected. If the mac address keep jumping/changing, it would mean coverage too excessive. Two is encryption is wrong and it is connected and authentication failed and disconnect and repat over and over)

    4. Under summit, does it show Third party or Default/summit? ( If using Third Party, configuring on Summit client will not work)

    5. Did you manually key in the SSID or did you do a scan and configure from there? ( SSID is case-sensitive. If you manually configure the SSID, you can check  the Upper and Lower case of it.)