Psion 7535 installing USB drivers on Vista and Wiindows 7

Psion 7535 installing USB drivers on Vista and Wiindows 7

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I need to provide an automated method (e.g. batch file) for our customers to be able to install Psion 7535 USB drivers on both Vista and Windows 7. To do this I need to be able (in the batch file) to find out if the driver(s) are already installed and to install them if they are not installed. I already have the relevant information for Windows 2000 and XP but cannot find out the information I need or the drivers for Vista and Windows 7.

Can anyone help? 

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  • Hi Colin,

    although I can not help you with the necessary commands to do this, I can tell you, that for Windows7 there are no USB-Drivers for the PT-Devices. If the devices run with CE5 or WinMobile 6x they are automatically known by Windows7.

    Kind  regards

    Hans-Jürgen Willems

  • Hi Hans-Jurgen

    Thank you for your reply...

    In order to get the Psion to work with ActiveSync I have to first run drvupdate-x86.exe (32 bit PC) or drvupdate-amd64.exe (64 bit PC) - both files are from Microsoft (I can't remmber where I found though!).

    This seems to make the PC "Psion aware".

    Regarding the commands for the batch file, I think I can sort that out OK and I think that the presence of the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services is enough to tell if ActiveSync is "installed" or not.



  • Hi Colin,

    This is Lawrence from the PTX Helpdesk.

    As Hans-Jürgen already mentioned you do not need the USB driver in Windows 7

    The USB setup utility essentially updates a couple of files. When you run USB Setup and select "install as a generic device" it will add a "[Teklogix]" key to oemXX.inf files found in the windows\inf folder.  Unfortunately in my experience the filename appears to be dynamic (e.g. oem45.inf or oem17.inf etc.)

    You could try to leverage the FIND command to assist you

    e.g find "[Teklogix]" /N c:\windows\inf\*.inf |find "Teklogix"



  • Hi Lawrence,

    Well, that's the strange thing...on my XP machine I do have an .inf file with Teklogix in it. But, on a Vista PC where the WorkaboutPro is working perfectly well there is no inf file containing this text. On both the XP and Vista PC the comment at the top of the .inf file is "Windows CE USB Host Setup File" but only the XP file has %Teklogix%=Teklogix in the [Manufacturer] section.

    Very confusing!!



  • I have an email from another who was having issues with Vista and MDC.

    "I am using Vista on my laptop.  Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 update.

    Device is WAP3 with 6.1 Classic.

    I use a USB cable with cradle.

    I never partner, as I use my laptop for installation.

    After booting up my computer, the first device works.

    If I place prior handhelds on the cradle, everything seems Ok.

    When I place a new handheld on the cradle if it is the first handheld the activesync works for this handheld and does not work for any other handheld.

    If it is not the first handheld, the activesync does not work for this handheld or any other handheld.

    I go through the following steps after putting the new handheld in the cradle.

    I press the power button for two seconds and the device goes through the boot process.

    Shows the Psion Windows Mobile Screen.

    Shows the Microsoft Windows Mobile Screen.

    New Network detected. I press OK, otherwise it just keeps popping up.

    How do you want to connect.  Internet or Work.  I leave the default internet and select Connect.

    It asks for the network key.  I dismiss.

    I cecopy installation files into the temp directory.

    I then place another device on the cradle, the pop up menu on the handheld says docking cradle.

    Then nothing happens.

    I may have installed a older version of the USB install on top of a newer one.  I then installed the lastest on top of both of them.

  • USB Version: 4.0.10873 is now released and can be found here

    Downloads » Firmware/Software & Demos » » Software Demos, Tools & Drivers » USB Setup / USBSETUP 

    File Name: USBSetup_4.0.10873.exe

    Release Date: January 13 2011 

    Windows and USB Setup

    Note that for PCs running Windows Vista and Windows 7, USB Setup is now only required to connect to Psion devices if they are in BooSt (boot loader) mode. With Windows Vista, Microsoft replaced ActiveSync with Windows Mobile Device Center.

    This new Windows feature means that USB Setup is no longer required to establish a connection with Psion mobile computers while they are operational.

  • ActiveSync is not compatible with Windows 7, but the USB setup file requires ActiveSync to install on Windows 7. I need the drivers but Windows cannot find them and the USB drivers from the setup program does not work. I have tried many things like extracting the drivers from XP (fail) and using drivers for other devices (fail).

    The device still shows up as 753x handheld in the device manager. Please let me know if there is something else I can do.

    Leigh Marsh

  • Psion USB setup is not needed for PC connection to a Windows 7 using WMDC.

    What is the system software version of your 753x devices?

    Boot code: _______

    OS code: _______

    PCon code: _______


  • Not to bring back a dead thread, but it seems relevant to put it here since I have two 7535G2s that are pretty much doing the same thing. The boot, OS, and PCon code on it is L086o on the two that do not function properly, and the one I have here that does successfully connect has the codes A118l/B118r/B118s, respectively.

  • I've updated my device to the latest firmware. If I run Total Recall using the profile I had on the older firmware, will it ruin the device?

  • Hi Justin,

    We do not recommend restoring Total Recall profile between versions.

    I suggest you manually configure the upgraded unit then create a new backup profile.